Barrie Johnson is the Founder and responsible for all things technical at the company, which he started from his home office in the year 1997. The company had various names including JAM Systems, and Empire Technologies before eventually it was decided the company name should simply be the same as the owners. During the company’s early years, Barrie acted as the web developer, designer, accounts, marketing, maintenance, repair and support representative for the entire platform, allowing for it to be a stable business from the outset. In addition to his main responsibilities in running the company and setting overall product strategy, he remains actively involved within the organisation and is usually the face most of Barrie Johnson’s client base will deal with when requesting products or services. Barrie has been in the IT industry working with and within other IT companies since 1996 and is still actively involved in a number of IT companies that help form strong partnerships and allow the companies clients to benefit from leading proven technologies.