Barrie Johnson takes recycling of equipment very seriously. We prefer to reuse equipment where ever we can and avoid the throw away market that the IT industry has become.

Barrie Johnson refurbishes 95% of all equipment that enters its workshops with most of it re-entering the UK markets into small business, charities and schools.

Any equipment that cannot be refurbished as a complete unit is broken down into parts, cleaned, tested and sold as used parts, ensuring that as much equipment can be reused as possible.

The remainder of faulty equipment is broken down into waste streams and sent to recycling centres so that any reusable elements can be recycled and used again in the manufacture of something else.

Barrie Johnson always makes sure that all data is wiped securely and efficiently prior to any recycling project using state of the art wiping software and destruction methods.

If you have any redundant equipment that you would like to ensure does not enter land fill or end up being fly tipped around the UK, please contact us to discuss the options.

The Recycle Centre aims to respond to all messages within 4-hours.